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How to Be a Gardener Book 1
by Alan TitchMarsh
Whether you're a complete beginner or a keen gardener, there are always times when it would help to have a reliable expert at your side. In How to be a Gardener, Alan Titchmarsh draws on his knowledge and passion for gardening, and his many years of experience, to give you a comprehensive guide that explores every aspect of your garden and how it works.



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 Self-watering Containers
Watering: Test the soil in your containers every day with your finger. If it's dry an inch below the surface - water. If you can't water your plants on a regular basis, consider self-watering containers.
 Choosing the right plant
Choosing the right plant: You won't have to spend as much time caring for your palnts if you choose plants that are suited to your environmental conditions and gardening style. Let the Floracle help you find which plants are right for you.
 Natural Gardening Library
Check out Gardens Alive's lenghty library of Natural Gardening tips and suggestions.
 Pruning Advice
Pruning: Don't be afraid to cut or trim plants to keep their shape and encourage growth - just leave at least 2/3 of the original plant intact so it'll have enough surface area to absorb sunlight. Pinch (aka. deadhead) faded flowers regularly to encourage more blooms on annual plants.

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